Grandview-Woodlands combines the unforgettable character of East Vancouver alongside some of its hidden gems - our second location, Depot, fits right in at Frances St. and Mclean Drive. Frances street once served street cars and you can still find the uneven pavement where the rails once laid - we found this location ideal for situating the extension of Timbertrain in our Depot space. Depot serves as the fuel behind Timbertrain. It is the production, education and innovating location to what we present and serve in Gastown.

Depot focuses on the process and craftsmanship behind our coffee. Entering Depot, you are greeted by the raw scale of our industrial warehouse space. The iconic black and white striped walls guide you passed the bar and into our space where the behind the scenes roasting, cupping and experimenting takes place. Depot is all about being part of the experience - stop by for a tour, a cupping, a class or to grab a coffee. Our Grandview-Woodlands location offers classic cafe offerings with bleacher seating for you to watch over all the action that takes place to make our coffee for what it’s known for.  


551 McLean Dr, Vancouver, BC