DR Congo

DR Congo


Country : Congo

Region : North Kivu

Farm: Various Smallholders 

Variety: Bourbon, Local Derivatives

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1,460 - 2,000 masl 

Tasting notes: Red Cherry, Melon, Raisin

Type : Filter

This coffee was accessible to us as our partnering green bean purchasers in Congo had a good relationship with organization called SOPACDI. It consists of 5,600 farmers and is located near Lake Kivu in Democratic Republic of Congo. Each farmer has a very small area of farmland for coffee which tends to be less than 2 hectares on average.

Joachim Munganga founded the organization, SOPACDI back in 2003 by restoring washing station in the area. His work essentially provided access to the market to growers in these remote highlands. This cooperative was the first organization to achieve Fair Trade Certification in Congo in which it also carries organic certification. Members of cooperative consists of several different ethnic groups speaking languages of Kirundi, Kinyarwanda and Kihavu.

This is our second year carrying coffees from this specific cooperative and we are impressed to find the consistency it brings with respect to the quality. This is one of our lighter roast where we aim to accentuate vibrant acidity while keeping the interest flavour of dried fruits, such as raisin.

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