Costa Rica Finca Calle Lajas - Natural

Costa Rica Finca Calle Lajas - Natural


Country : Costa Rica

Region : Sabanilla De Alajuela

Farm : Calle Lajas

Variety : Villa Sarchi, Caturra

Process: Natural

Elevation : 1,450 masl

Tasting notes: Red Grape, Wild Berries, Wine Acidity, Chocolate  

Type: Filter

Size : 340g

Oscar and Francisca Chacon of Las Lajas Micromill are third-generation coffee producers and they are best known for being among the first to produce honey coffees in Costa Rica. Las Lajas Micromilll is also one of the only certified organic mill in the area. They are continuously trying to enhance their infrastructure by investing back to their facility have a good growing condition. To mitigate their water usage, Oscar uses a Penagos demucilaginator to depulp his coffee, and since the coffees are all natural or honey process, very little water is used at the mill. In 2008, they began producing coffees with honey process after an earthquake blocked them from accessing water for a few weeks.

They produce several different types of honeys and naturals and they also determine which process to apply based on the weather on the day the coffee is harvested.

They generally utilize three different natural processes. This coffee goes through a processed called ‘alma negra’ in which the drying starts on the patio and then the coffee is piled overnight and spread out in the sun during the day.

We have decided to source this coffee as we were impressed by its vibrant acidity coupled with tons of fruit flavours.

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