Colombia Franco Melendez

Colombia Franco Melendez


Country: Colombia 

Region: Buesaco, Narino 

Farm: Mocoa 

Variety: Castillo 

Process: Washed 

Altitude: 1,800 masl 

Tasting notes: White Grape, Orange, Milk Chocolate 

Type: Espresso

Franco Melendez is a second generation coffee grower having taken over the farm from his father several years ago. He grows castillo in the municipality of Buesaco which produces numerous award winning coffees every year. The area is well conditioned for producing a very high quality coffee as it rains quite often and it’s less dry than other parts of the country. The climate differential between day and night is subtle making coffees to mature relatively faster and producing bigger sized coffee beans. It also results in pleasant level of acidity while maintaining round sweetness.  

Franco cultivates in 2 hectares of land producing only 5 bags per year. Similar to other small lot producers in the area, Franco also produces other crops such as bananas. He does pay attention to detail on the processing of the coffee as he utilizes traditional fermentation method where the coffee is not soaked. As soon as coffee is depulped in the concrete tub, it is being fermented right away for 14 hours. 

Franco then takes extra care in drying his coffee by covering his patio and extending the drying time to 20 days.  

The coffee has landed in the winter of 2017 but we have been carrying this coffee from spring of 2018. 

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