Guatemala Guayabales

Guatemala Guayabales


Country : Guatemala 

Region: Huehuetenango, Hoja Blanca

Farm: Guayabales

Variety: Caturra, Bourbon

Proces: Washed

Altitude: 1,800 masl 

Tasting notes: Fruity fragrance, mandarin orange, red grape, almond

Type: Filter

Size : 340g

Pedro Villatoro Castillo is 58 years old and he has large families with 2 daughters and 6 sons. Ervin and Nehemias whom are his sons currently work with him at the farm.

Pedro is very dedicated in producing high quality coffee and he knows how to cooperate with others to yield best results. He is quite silent and understands when to listen to other ideas. As a result, his siblings respect him and listens to Pedro when making key decisions. A crop which takes 7 years from seed to first full harvest benefits greatly from a disposition such as his.

We have decided to bring in coffee from Guayabales this year because it really stand out from our sourcing table. It showed complexity with having candy sweetness and vibrant acidity. Also the coffee had nut flavoured attributes that pleasantly surprised us.

We have learned Pedro uses aggressive pruning methods more than most of his siblings and it seems to be working well as the result surely shows in his coffee. His yields are more streamlined from year to year. There is some shade from trees and some from the steep shape of the land itself, the aspect and slope bringing shade during the early morning and often fog in the afternoon, slowing growth.

We very much appreciate this coffee as it’s not always easy to farm at Guayabales. The location is not easily accessible and heavy rains make it even more challenging at times for harvest to properly occur. Our goal is to value the hard work that has gone through in producing this beautiful ingredient and making sure we do our very best in brining out the full flavour and properly expressing the coffee.

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