Ehiotpia Guji Dimtu

Ehiotpia Guji Dimtu


Country : Ethiopia 

Region : Oromia of West Guji

Farm: Various Smallholders 

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1,950 masl 

Tasting notes: Early Grey, Peach, Jasmine  

Type : Filter

This coffee is traced back to a washing station that is owned and operated by Israel Degfa, a young and progressive coffee producer in Ethiopia. The washing station is called Dimtu.

He is heavily focused on sustainability and the well being of smallholders in the region as he ensures to compensate more than nearly all other owners of other washing station in Ethiopia. 

One of the initiative Israel has started is to invest 10% of the annual profits to help build new infrastructures in coffee growing communities in Ethiopia. 

The coffee undergoes a wash process and it is left for a fermentation time of 72 hours with a soaking time of 6 hours. After the washing process, the coffee is dried on a raised bed for anywhere between 10- 13 days. 

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