Kenya Kerugoya Kirinyaga

Kenya Kerugoya Kirinyaga


Country : Kenya

Region : Kerugoya, Gichugu, Kirinyaga

Variety : SL-28, Batian, Ruiru 11

Process: Washed 

Elevation : 1,581 masl. 

Tasting notes: Raspberry, Red Cherry, Grapefruit

Type: Filter

Size : 340g

The coffee is traced to small holders in the region of Kerugoya, Gichugu, Kirinyaga, and also operational entity called Kabare Farmers Cooperative Society. It has 1,090 contributing small holder members where these farmers handpick cherries to bring it to the factory called Konyu Coffee Factory. The regional geography consists of fertile red volcanic clay soil thanks to nearby Mt. Kenya. The coffee is fermented for 14–24 hours underwater, then washed four times before being put on raised metal drying tables for 6–15 days.

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