Peru Oscar Fernandez Silva

Peru Oscar Fernandez Silva


Country : Peru

Region : Cajamarca 

Farm: El Arico 

Variety: Caturra, Costa Rica, Typica 

Process: Washed 

Altitude: 1800 mail 

Tasting notes: Hibiscus, Cherry, Lime 

Type: Espresso

Mr. Oscar Fernandez is a 45-year-old producer who lives in the village of Nuevo Trujillo, in the district of San Jose de Lourdes in Northern Peru. He arrived in Nuevo Trujillo more than 20 years ago and met his wife in the community and they have three daughters. Mr. Fernandez raised cattle and sold staple goods, and through this work, he came into contact with coffee producers. He became very interested in the crop and purchased 5 hectares which he planted 5 years ago. His first harvest was 80 quintals and he hadn't even applied fertilizers. The land is very fertile and consist of banana trees along with native trees such as the Alicaro.  The name of his farm in fact originated from this tree. These trees provide shade for the coffees, allowing the cherries to reach optimal ripeness for the harvest. Mr. Fernandez produces coffee of the Caturra, Costa Rica and Typica varieties. He fertilizes with island guano and compost twice a year - in January and October - and prunes the trees at the end of October to improve the next year's harvest. He processes the coffee on the farm, and he also builds living quarters on the farm for his workers. In addition to their salary, workers meals are included during the entire harvest period. The harvest begins in May and ends in early October. 

The coffee is fermented for 18 hours and dried for 10 days. 

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